When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

16 August 2005

Forecast: mixed, light blogging

Another week of light blogging in store, as business travel continues. A few notes to bring my regular readers up to date:
  • Dad is leaving the hospital today, to be cared for at home. Hospice is involved, and so far they seem like incredibly competent and very nice people.

  • I heartily endorse the pairing of March of the Penguins and The Aristocrats as a double-bill. Both are very moving pictures in their own way; one had me practicallly weeping at the incredible beauty and harshness of the natural surroundings, and the other was a very good movie about penguins. (rimshot)

    At any rate, both flicks get my highest recommendation.

  • Perhaps in revenge for my snarky piece on the Transportation Security Authority, yesterday a helpful airport screener announced that she wanted to run some tests on my shoes and my laptop. No problem, I said, figuring that she was going to swab them for explosives.

    Which she did. But first, she dropped the laptop, from high enough up that she might as well have drop-kicked it. Dammit. Hewlett-Packard, we salute you! (And we're very glad that our employer just leases this one.)

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