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13 August 2005

One Bag: The Art and Science of Travelling Light

Years ago, I had a job that was basically 100% travel during the workweek, and required me to wear a suit. While I was racking up the frequent flyer miles, I honed my packing style to a science: I could live for a week out of a hanging bag *or* a stowable rollaboard, I never ever checked baggage, and never had to do laundry on a trip.

I wish, back then, that there had been a resource like One Bag--a site devoted to the art (and science) of travelling light. Even a seasoned road warrior like myself could've picked up a few tips.

Regular blog readers will know that I've been doing a lot of business and personal travel in the last weeks. In the days of "business casual," it's even easier to pack light than ever before; the One Bag site has tons of practical advice about how to pull it off.

If you pack for a three-day trip like you're planning to emigrate, you need this information. Just to cut to the chase, check out their comprehensive and authoritative packing list (in PDF format.)

Hat tip: Lifehack.org

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