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10 August 2005

We'll just see about this

The New York Times > "Rib" Restaurant Review > "North Carolina in a Downtown Diner":
[W]hen a cadre of North Carolinians, including a couple who routinely have barbecue FedExed to their West Village walk up, raved about the pork sandwich at Rib, the latest incarnation of the chartreuse-trimmed Greenwich Village diner that was Lunchbox Food, I took it with a grain of salt.

But they were right. It's the closest thing in New York to the chopped hog I've inhaled while driving down Highway 70 - just salt, pepper, a whisper of smoke and enough sauce to make the sides of your tongue water...
I have two observations.

(1) I'll believe it when I taste it, and plan to taste it soon.

(2) There are North Carolinians in the West Village having 'cue FedExed to their walkup, and I haven't met them yet?

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