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16 August 2005

What's on your coffee table?

I spend a lot of time on the Web these days, and read most of my newspapers and magazines there, as well as the entertaining and instructive output of my fellow bloggers. (I used to subscribe to the print version of the Wall Street Journal, for instance, but find the web site much more useful... haven't taken the Journal in print for at least five years now.)

But there are still a lot of periodicals coming to the house, many of which I even read.

Print publications that we take, chez enrevanche:

- The New York Times (daily and Sunday)

Magazines I subscribe to and actually read:

- The Atlantic
- The Economist
- The New Yorker
- Oxford American
- PM Network - publication of the Project Management Institute
- Reason

Magazines I used to subscribe to, and still buy pretty frequently on the newsstand:

- Harper's
- Forbes
- New Scientist
- Scientific American

Magazines we immediately throw in the trash because we get them even though we don't want them:

- Alumni magazines from NCSSM, Carolina, Harvard
- Diabetes Forecast (American Diabetes Association)
- Intercom (Society for Technical Communication)

Care to comment about your favorite dead-tree reads?

(post modified from a comment in a thread below. Reuse, recycle! Okay!)

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