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28 October 2005

A sleepy vigil

While Carrie and I are down in North Carolina with my family, a cat-loving friend is taking good care of Mister Gato. (We don't mind boarding the Chows when we go away, since they *love* the "sleep-away camp" that we send them to; as a shelter animal, however, Mister G is much more comfortable in His Apartment than even the nicest cattery that NYC has to offer.)

dozing kitty
Sooner or later, they're going to show up to check their e-mail.

As shown above, Mister Gato tends to keep a drowsy vigil in front of our computer when we're away. We have carefully hidden our credit card numbers, and he doesn't know our passwords; otherwise, we might come home to find UPS delivering a 500-pound order of smoked salmon.

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