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02 November 2005

The tough guy thing? It's an act.

Irascible Tomcat Mister Gato may not be quite as irascible as we thought.

Sure, he's got the scary Clint Eastwood eyes, and he's got attitude for miles.

But he's a big old cream puff when he's missing his family - no humans and Chow Chows to keep him company.

Transcript of an IM conversation between my wife and a dear friend who took care of Mister G. while we were both down in North Carolina last week:
(my wife): Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help with Mr. G.
(our catsitter): Ah, no problem!
(our catsitter): He's so funny:
(my wife): ?
(our catsitter): Whenever I've been over there before, he's such the tough guy, showing off how he rules the house.
(my wife): Oh, totally.
(our catsitter): Then, when everyone was away and I came over, he was SUPER affectionate -- clearly very lonely, much as he didn't want to admit it!
(my wife): Awwwwww.
(my wife): The Buddy.
(our catsitter): It was very cute.
(my wife): Yes, he has been amazingly affectionate and demonstrative since I got home.
(my wife): When I walked in on Sunday he basically attached himself to me like a remora.
(our catsitter): Yeah, exactly.
(my wife): I petted him and talked to him for about half an hour, and then I headed out to pick up the chows... the look on his face as I went out the door was so sad.
(my wife): "But you just got here!"
(our catsitter): Clearly the whole badass tough guy thing is just a facade.
(my wife): He's really a remarkably demonstrative cat.
(my wife): Oh, definitely.
(my wife): It's all a front.
(my wife): Discourage any upstarts.
(our catsitter): Exactly.
(my wife): Anyway, your care and feeding of Gato was much appreciated.
(my wife): As I suppose he conveyed himself.
(our catsitter): Glad to be of service.
(our catsitter): And yes, he made the point quite clear himself as well.

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