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20 April 2006

What I really want to do is direct

It's Thursday catblogging time at enrevanche.

While our venerable Aeron chair is out for service (somehow, we managed to actually break the arm off of the chair... I guess we're going to find out about Herman Miller's 12-year warranty) we're using one of the director's chairs that we keep around the house for overflow visitors.

To Mister Gato, it's obviously just an enormous canvas hammock, and just as obviously intended for him.

what i really want to do is direct - display
My next project is going to be an action picture,
involving a big tomcat and an invading army of fat, legless mice.

Come Friday, visit the Friday Ark at The Modulator to check out more bloggers' pets from around the world--and don't miss the 109th edition of the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday, hosted at My Animal Family. (Hey! I've got one of those!)

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