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21 January 2007

Carnival of the Cats #148

Mister Gato welcomes you to the (hurriedly assembled due to Barry's travel delays) 148th Carnival of the Cats.

Gato on White Background
Oh, papa.
You're literally mailing this one in, aren't you.

With no further ado, commence au festival des chats!

Genevieve presents Casper the Climber posted at Prairie Bluestem.

gottagopractice presents Luke and Leia Playtime and Itty Bitty Kitty posted at If at first you don't succeed....

Elisson presents MORNING SUN posted at Blog d'Elisson.

Blueberry presents Catblogging - Alex is Sweet 16! posted at Texas Oasis.

jamsodonnell presents Ted posted at the Poor Mouth.

Ferdinand T. Cat presents Silent Movie: Catz vs. Dogz posted at Conservative Cat.

srp presents Shadow Cat and Belly Dancing posted at Mélange.

Ostara presents who's the boss? posted at stillpoint.

Russ presents Little Miss Chunkytux* and Gotcha posted at TacJammer.

M. Gato presents Gato the Mountaineer posted at enrevanche.

Chris Dolley presents Kittens Reunited: A Kitten's Guide to Tracing Long Lost Friends posted at Chris Dolley's Page.

Mr. David West writes in from his Yahoo.de account to inform us that he is a highly placed official in the Ugandan Federal Ministry of Finance, and that if we fax him our... whoops, that's not a catblogging entry.

Debra presents HiJinxs posted at MANX MNEWS.

KeesKennis presents I will destroy and others posted at KeesKennis.

Rahel presents Tuxedos posted at Elms in the Yard.

Annie presents Friday Cat Blogging: Stuck In Neutral posted at anniemiz.

Karen presents Cavecat posted at Rurality.

leucanthemum b presents Friday Catblog: SnuggleUpagus posted at composite drawlings.

Wes Phillips presents Stereophile: Rule #1 for Peaceful Coexistence and Stereophile: No, You Apologize posted at Stereophilia.

Omnibus Driver presents Traveling Companions posted at Leslie's Omnibus.

Da Nator presents Friday Cat Blog - Ol' Bald Belly posted at Delectatio Morosa.

Mog, host of next week's Carnival of the Cats, presents:
K T Cat presents Adrift at Sea posted at The Scratching Post.

Rondi presents Orloff Chillin' posted at Begin Each Day As If It Were on Purpose.

Rascal presents Tub Drink posted at Welcome to Rascal's World.

Catzee presents Drink posted at Little Cat Zee.

Kelly Cat presents Friday Cat Blogging: Nicky posted at It's all Good..

Karen Shanley presents Art is Everywhere posted at My Life as a Writer, Mom, Dog Nut.

Sissy Willis presents Worth two thousand words and "By the content of their character" posted at sisu.

willow presents I love tomatoes! posted at willow's cat blog.

China Cat presents Snow is Coming... posted at china cat's blog.

sammawow presents WCB with Winery Kitties posted at sammawow.

Kimberly presents Feline Friday: A good place to nap posted at Music and Cats.

keewee presents zzzzzzzzzz posted at keewee's corner.

Richard Miles presents Kittens posted at Shadowscope.

Callie (ArtsyCatsy Catministrative Assistant) presents What's your Cat Age? posted at ArtsyCatsy.

Leigh-Ann presents Pet Soup posted at The Blog Pound.

Gree presents NOT Pleased posted at House of the (Mostly) Black Cats.

Pernicious Q. Rhinoplasty presents Live! Cam! Girls! at... whoops, never mind. That's not a catblogging entry either.

pet campbell presents Timi posted at Pet's Garden.

Babeth presents Whoah !! Heavy load... posted at House of Chaos.

Susan presents I try not to discuss politics with my cats... posted at Susan.

jason presents Covered in kitty cocaine posted at xenogere.

john presents StrangeRanger: A Happy and Confident Cat posted at StrangeRanger.

Catblogfather Laurence Simon presents Dark-eyed and bushy-tailed posted at this blog is full of crap.

Mimi presents What's Out There? posted at Furry Paws.

Lissa presents Games Kitties Play posted at Oh, Really?

Laura Lee Donoho presents Captain Wins Another Battle posted at The Wide Awake Cafe.

Valerie presents Computer Trouble posted at Val's Bien.

SJ Reidhead presents SUN JAN 21 What Is Your Greatest Treasure posted at The Pink Flamingo.

Martin Lindeskog presents Hillary Clinton posted at EGO.

Be sure to visit all of these fine kitties and their people, and tune in next week, when the Carnival of the Cats is at Mind of Mog.

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