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04 October 2008

One good tern?

Our new roommate
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My ornithology chops have never been strong, and are more attuned to the appreciation of Charlie Parker solos than the identification of actual birds.

But this fine feathered friend was waiting for us on the balcony of our hotel room this morning, not a bit afraid of us (or people in general, clearly.) He seemed a little too squat and stubby to be a seagull, but we've tentatively identified him as belonging to some species of tern (a close cousin)...check out the gigantic webbed feet on this specimen of waterfowl!

He happily accepted an offering of a small handful of breadcrumbs (we had the dregs of a bag of bagel chips from the plane still in the room with us), and hung out with us a while longer while we dressed for the day.

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