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06 November 2007

22 for trust, 20 on communication, but only 17 on availability and 10 on decor... not our kind of doctor, dear

Zagat Survey, the so-called "burgundy bible" for entertainment seekers, is venturing into controversial territory: doctor's offices.

The ratings guide has teamed up with Wellpoint, one of the nation's largest health insurers, to allow consumers to rank doctors on a 30-point scale, just as diners rate restaurants.

Instead of assessing food, decor, service and cost, the free online tool, which will launch in March and be available eventually to Wellpoint's 35 million subscribers, will let people review their doctor visits based on trust, communication, availability and office environment. It also will feature a comment section where they can swap opinions.
Zagat preps for ratings on doctors (Chicago Tribune)

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