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12 January 2008

"Obama is a secret Muslim who also belongs to a Christian church that practices black liberation theology..."

Dear [Mom's friend],

Mom had mentioned to me that you had received some e-mail(s) about Barack Obama. There are a lot of lies and half-truths in circulation about him now - and when you receive an e-mail that makes a bunch of outrageous claims and you want to fact-check them, the best website for that sort of thing is http://snopes.com.

I don't know which e-mail(s) you received, but here is Snopes's breakdown of the Obama e-mails in wide circulation:


In short, virtually anything you're likely to hear about any political candidate in an unsourced e-mail is highly likely to be complete bullshit.

Great seeing you - and thanks so much for the wonderful chicken salad...

All best,


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