When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

28 April 2009

South Ferry Subway Station Entrance, Lower Manhattan, New York City

Had an odd experience coupla weeks ago.

The MTA opened a new subway station (finally!) at South Ferry. Where the old station was a cramped little warren, the new station is a spacious wonderland underground, fully ADA-compliant, etc.

Just like that, a place I saw every workday for years doesn't exist any longer.

It really did set the tone for my last trip, where I was conscious of being an out-of-towner. I am comfortable in NYC instinctively, but Home is somewhere else now.

What especially set the tone was that I had kinda forgot about the new station opening up and was jolted into an alternate universe when my morning commute terminated in this... (see pix)

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