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26 June 2009

It's the thought that counts

Popbitch reports on Michael Jackson:
Supercrass writes from LA:
   "On the corner of Hollywood and Vine sits a star
   along the "Hollywood Walk of Fame," with loads
   of flowers, candles and pictures, surrounded by
   fans of Michael Jackson. (Pictured in almost
   every newspaper this morning). The star they have
   been surrounding all day is marked with the
   name, Michael Jackson. But the star does not
   belong to The King of Pop, it belongs to British
   born radio host Michael Jackson, who has been
   an L.A. radio personality for over 30 years.
   Seems the other Michael Jackson’s star has
   been covered since early Thursday morning.
   Covered by a red carpet. A red carpet
   leading to The Chinese Theatre Hollywood
   premiere of Bruno."

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