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25 March 2005

Found water

Cats love "found water," especially running water. Instinct, apparently, tells them to prefer it over standing water. Some clever entrepreneurs, understanding this principle, have come up with constantly recirculating water fountains intended for pets to drink from.

But Mister Gato doesn't need a Drinkwell... he's got us trained to turn on his own private water fountain every time we pass the bathroom sink:

Mister Gato's water fountain Posted by Hello

Mister Gato, of course, doesn't just like "found water" in the sink. He also likes "found water" in your glass, especially if you've got some ice in it, and he's never turned up his nose at "found milk" either.

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Sam said...

The second oldest of my 3 cats, Harry, has become addicted to bathtub water. Whenever anyone approaches the bathroom, he runs in, jumps into the tub and waits for the faucet to be turned on. I don't know what it is about the bathtub water that Harry loves so much when he has a perfectly good fountain in the kitchen filled with cool, delicious water. Whatever makes him happy.