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23 August 2007

Now reading: "The Groucho Letters"

Reading "The Groucho Letters" is like eating candy without the carbs or guilt... or, actually, the sort of sick feeling that you get when you eat too much of it.

Okay, it's nothing like eating candy but it's still pretty great.

July 8, 1957

Dear Mr. Cooke:

I was a little disappointed on receiving your rather lengthy letter, to find no mention of money. I am of course, an artist, with my head in the clouds. And I was very happy to be invited to appear, gratis or thereabouts, on "Meet the Press," "The Last Word," the City Center Theater in New York, two all-night telethons, etc. But my business manager, Mr. Gummo Marx, has a passion for money that is virtually a sickness. I am constantly being embarrassed by it. Still, he is my brother, and rather than upset him, I have to bow to his wishes.

I hope you and your charming wife are as happy and as gay as the weather permits, and that this note will not end our fragile friendship.


Heh. On a serious note, there are some funny and very moving letters to and from people like T.S. Eliot... Groucho had very interesting pen-pals.

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