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12 September 2007

Welcome to Energyville

How do we meet growing global energy demand? What new kinds of fuels and power sources should be developed? These are the sorts of questions facing us all.

To help encourage greater understanding and dialogue, Chevron and The Economist Group have created Energyville, an online, interactive game that puts you in charge of meeting the energy demands of your city. It's a chance to put your theories into practice. Choose from a portfolio of available energy sources to power your city today, and through 2030. Every decision you make will affect the environment, the economy, and even your city’s security. So, give each move some real thought.

In appreciation of your participation, we’re sending all participants* a gift voucher for a six-month subscription to Economist.com. This will give you access to The Economist’s full content, plus our archive of over 30,000 articles. You can keep the voucher for yourself, or give it as a gift. Just follow the link after you finish the game and claim yours today.


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