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07 May 2008


Dear Barry Campbell,

Due to the unprecedented rise in the cost of jet fuel, JetBlue will not be starting service from Los Angeles International (LAX) May 21st as previously announced. We sincerely apologize for the disruption to your travel plans and we hope that you understand this difficult decision. We have taken the liberty of rebooking your flights to and from Long Beach, CA. Your new itinerary is detailed below.

Your flight... on [REDACTED], departing New York, NY (JFK) and arriving in Los Angeles, CA (LAX) has been cancelled.

You are now confirmed on flight... on [REDACTED], now departing New York, NY (JFK) at... and arriving in Long Beach, CA (LGB)...
JetBlue really wanted me to get this message. They sent some variation of it to me five times... and then there was no way to re-route this flight via their web site; had to talk to a customer service rep.

In their defense, I have to say that the customer service agent I spoke to answered right away, was mighty nice, and was more than willing to re-route us to and from Burbank, California as opposed to Long Beach.

So we're still gonna make it to that wedding at the end of the month.

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