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06 August 2009

Networking in a bad job market

Last week a guy I used to work with in the late 90’s tried to connect with me on LinkedIn. Whatever. This was the same guy who used to take credit for all my work and still had the balls to bring his kid by my cube on national Drag Your Spawn to Work day.

Because so many have lost their jobs in recent months, everyone’s seeking help. That’s why this is high time to focus on the “flip side” of networking: helping others.
Help others? Why would I want to do that?! Here are three good reasons:
  1. If you concentrate on giving rather than receiving, you’ll be seen as a true corporate giant. And karma is an amazing thing! Help someone today and they’ll be a hundred times more likely to help you down the road.
  1. Only the most accomplished and marketable professional could possibly have the leisure to be giving help right about now when most are scrambling to obtain assistance. So, by helping others, you distinguish yourself as successful despite the super-soft job market. It’s both ironic and sad that people prefer to help those who are already successful because they typically need less help than those lacking in good fortune.

  2. It feels good to help others. At least, that’s what people who have helped others have told me.
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