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27 July 2006

Happy to be home

The enrevanche family is back from two weeks of summer travels, and there was a joyous reunion on Monday as all of the quadrupeds rejoined their human family members in our tiny little NYC apartment.

Apparently, there are a few mice left in the apartment building who got bold during Mister Gato's two-week spiritual retreat (where he rose before dawn, drank from ice-cold mountain streams, and did scary feline martial-arts exercises by the light of the sunrise, apparently.)

On his return home, he immediately parked himself by one of the traditional rodent ingress/egress routes (a crack where the plaster wall meets the floor that is structurally impossible to patch, apparently) and has stuck close by for several days.

gato on station scaled
Watchful waiting

Interestingly, we haven't seen or heard any mice.

On the other hand, if you looked out of your mousehole and saw *this*, would you make a move?

a mouse eye view scaled
A mouse's-eye view of Mister G

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