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06 September 2007

Michael Lewis explains it all for you

The subprime mortgage / credit market mess, broken down for you by Michael Lewis at Bloomberg.com:

This is what happens when you lend money to poor people.

This is way too good to excerpt.  Go read the whole thing.

Oh, okay... *one* little excerpt:
Call me a romantic: I want everyone to have a shot at the American dream. Even people who haven't earned it. I did everything I could so that these schlubs could at least own their own place. The media is now making my generosity out to be some kind of scandal. Teaser rates weren't a scandal. Teaser rates were a sign of misplaced trust: I trusted these people to get their teams of lawyers to vet anything before they signed it. Turns out, if you're poor, you don't need to pay lawyers. You don't like the deal you just wave your hands in the air and moan about how poor you are. Then you default.
A Wall Street Trader Draws Some Subprime Lessons: Michael Lewis (Bloomberg.com)

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