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22 May 2008


Fun meme over at Buck's place:
[T]he idea is to answer these questions with only a photo or other graphic, NO words allowed.
1. What is your current relationship status?

high on love
Originally uploaded by jaki good.

2. What is your current mood?

let sleeping gatos lie scaled

3. What is your favorite band/singer?

Louis Armstrong | Giants of Jazz Series
Originally uploaded by discoverblackheritage.


4. What is your favorite movie?

blade runner

5. What kind of pets do you have?

Bella Backs Up Gato

6. Where do you live?

The Neighborhood

7. Where do you work?

Originally uploaded by joaue.

8. Who do you look like?

betty sue hodges campbell age 34 circa 1964

9. What do you drive?

dollar rent a car
Originally uploaded by Atlantisa7.

10. What did you do on Saturday?

Sunrise From A Plane Window

11. What did you do on Sunday?

traffic jam
Originally uploaded by K2D2vaca.

12. What is your favorite network TV Show?

Forgotten television
Originally uploaded by autowitch.

13. Describe Yourself.

Briefcase Contents - Workday Edition

14. What is your favorite candy?

Goo Goo Clusters
Originally uploaded by kamico.

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