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27 February 2010

Reviewed briefly: "The Stick and Cane in Close Combat" (Tom Lang, 2006)

One of the most thoughtfully written and nicely illustrated "how to" books I've seen in a long time, "The Stick And Cane In Close Combat: Jointlocks, Takedowns and Surprise Attacks" is about how to use a stick, staff or cane as leverage in grappling. It's a compendium of jointlocks and takedowns, basically, from the practical to the fanciful, with only passing reference to the short, sharp shot (the best way to fight with a stick is to hit somebody with it, usually.)

A little knowledge of anatomy and physics is a *truly* dangerous thing. I am far from an expert martial artist, but Mr. Lang certainly is, and it appears to me that at least some of these techniques would remain completely accessible/available to older people who might have reduced strength, range of motion, or even balance.

It turns out that Tom Lang is an instructional designer and medical/technical writer, in his day job.  No wonder the book reads so well!

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Anonymous said...

Sweep the leg and stab 'em with a Spyderco!

Unknown said...

My youngest niece uses a stick in aikido. Anyone would be smart to stay out of her way.

Anonymous said...

來幫你衝一下人氣,捧個人場囉~~ ........................................