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19 April 2010

Sometimes Google Voice transcripts are really shockingly accurate. And sometimes...

From my Google Voice inbox, this thoroughly puzzling "transcript" of a caller's message:

"Bye really what your bye. So I want balls and I don't know if you have them. He's the trail from capsules. I just this is black box. Okay, see you. I don't know. But I that connect because it bye. I don't know if late but this trip. Yeah. Yeah. Mrs. From 00 North, but if you can all of it. Bye."

Wow. Just wow.

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Marsosudiro said...

That's much closer to what I expected from the technology.

I have some deaf friends in Garner. On my next visit, I plan to bring my laptop and Dragon Naturally Speaking so that I can talk with them rather than writing to them.

A gizmo I'd like to see: a voice recognition microphone connected to a light pair of goggles that has an LED display on the frame (for the deaf person to read, while a heads up display on the inside tells me what the goggles are saying, so that I can correct mistakes as fast as they're made.

Chap said...

Hey Barry, did you type that thing on a Newton?

Barry said...

Heh. An iPad, actually.