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11 February 2005

Meet your professor, Dr. Hoops

I'm still smarting from the results of the UNC-Duke game the other night... 18 seconds and we couldn't get a shot off!

I've seen Carolina teams score 10 points with 18 seconds left on the clock... sigh.

Anyway, we North Carolinians take our basketball very seriously. (One early working title for this blog was "Basketball, Barbecue and Bloviation.")

So I was very pleased to read, in an AP wire story yesterday, of the fine work of Dr. Barry Lawing:
Barry Lawing remembers the first time his dad took him to a Wake Forest game, nearly four decades ago. He's been hooked on Atlantic Coast Conference basketball since.

Now a history instructor at Forsyth Technical Community College, Lawing has found a way to bring that passion to academia. For the second straight winter, he is teaching a class on the league's highest-profile sport, a veritable ACC History 101 featuring everything from old game footage to guest lecturers, some better known for scoring than speechmaking.
The course concentrates almost exclusively on the "Big Four" ACC schools in North Carolina: UNC, Duke, N.C. State and Wake Forest.

Entirely reasonable; just as it should be.

Ah, for a glass of sweet iced tea, a big plate of 'cue, and a seat in a comfortable chair on the day of the big game.

We're less than a month away from the ACC Tournament... and for reasons unrelated to basketball (I swear!) I will actually be in North Carolina at tipoff time.

I love it when a plan comes together.

I won't be attending the Tournament in person, of course, since (a) it is being played in D.C. this year, and (b) I am not a member of the nomenklatura.

Note from the official ACC website:
There has not been a public sale of ACC Tournament tickets since 1966, and all tournaments since then have sold out in advance. The tickets are equally distributed among the 11 member institutions. Ticket sale distribution is handled on a school-by-school basis. For more information on purchasing ACC Tournament tickets, please contact one of our 11 member institutions.

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