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09 March 2007


Basketball as a Second Language:

With conference tournaments in full swing and the N.C.A.A. tournament fast approaching, I think this is a good time to offer a remedial B.S.L class: Basketball as a Second Language.

This is for you fans who enjoy watching the games and have a vague idea of what the analysts are talking about. Or you fans who simply want to review the terminology. Or you fans who want to impress the gang at the water cooler the day after by tossing out a few nuggets like: “Did you see how the Heels forced tempo when they went small? When they switched to four out, one in they opened up plenty of back cuts for Reyshawn Terry,” and “How about Wisconsin mixing halfcourt sets with their swing offense? Bo Ryan ran Tucker off those staggered screens, and Taylor beat his man with dribble penetration.”

It still won't help you understand Dickie V, but it's a start.

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