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17 March 2007

Kickin' out the jams

In heavy rotation chez enrevanche, on CD player, iTunes, iPod and just generally in the hippocampus...

Ladies and gentleman, live from the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan, on Halloween Eve in the year of our Lord 1968, it's the MC5.

Ur-metal, and especially ur-punk.

1968, people.

More recent CDs getting frequent airplay at our place:
  • The Little Willies, "The Little Willies" (2006) - Texas swing by-way-of-New-York-City side-project band for a number of musicians, the most famous of whom is Norah Jones. They tend to focus, in their recordings and live performances, on reverent, virtuosic covers of country standards (from Rose and Acuff to Kris Kristofferson and Townes Van Zandt.... and, of course, Willie Nelson) but they occasionally record original music, too.

  • Rickie Lee Jones, "The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard" (2006) - Music inspired by Lee Cantelon's "The Words" project, a modern-language rendering of the words of Christ. (See also: The Words Online.)

  • Guy Clark, "Workbench Songs" (2006) - More polished diamonds from the best singer-songwriter working today in any genre. Thoughtful, engrossing, you couldn't and wouldn't change a word he sings or a lick he plays.

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