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02 October 2007

North Carolina Goober Alles

Fry some more goobers, Bubba; the truck's leaving for Manhattan in the morning:
For years, aficionados who liked their peanuts fried in small batches by septuagenarian hobbyists who gather in church rec rooms had but one option: the peanuts prepared by the First Methodist Church Men’s Club in Mount Olive, North Carolina. As you may have read in these pages, Danny Meyer’s business partner Richard Coraine discovered these extra-crunchy, super-salty specimens—which are to other peanuts what Belgian frites are to Munchos—on a reconnaissance trip prior to opening Blue Smoke in 2002. Hopelessly smitten, he’s been buying as many cases as the First Methodist peanut men can produce ever since...

church club peanuts

Battle of the North Carolina Church Club Peanuts (New York magazine, October 8, 2007 issue)

New York City just got a little bit hipper.

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