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04 October 2007

Happy anniversary, love

Nine years ago today, it was a rainy Saturday in New York City.

At about this time (it's not quite 6 AM as I write this), Carrie and I were waking up and getting ready to walk, in the grey drizzle, over to Dizzy Izzy's (long gone, of course... which Citysearch doesn't seem to know yet) in the then-unfashionable Meatpacking District, for bagels and coffee.

A little later that morning, our friends and family, who had arrived in NYC from all over the world, would wake up in their Manhattan hotel rooms; we would all gather downtown, Carrie and I would sign the ketubah, the cantor would sing the ancient Hebrew words of the marriage ceremony, we'd be married and then there would be brunch. :-)

But the early morning, so far, still belonged just to the two of us.

I'm still not sure why we did this, but as we drank our coffee, we took a walk in the rain, holding hands, down by the Hudson River.

And as the sun came up, there was, briefly but unmistakably, a rainbow.

(For the record, the "pot of gold" would have been in Jersey City... and the way real-estate values are going now, I can't believe we didn't take that as a sign from God.)

Happy ninth anniversary, dear one. The time we've been together has been the best in my life.

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