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01 March 2008

The crack/EW nexus

“I have upon occasion compared directing a film to dragging a freight train up a muddy hill by a piece of string. Certainly there is a connection there to Fitzcarraldo [1, 2 - bc] —only in my experience whenever I turn around to yell encouragement to those supposedly helping me, I find them all sitting in the cars laughing, smoking crack and reading Entertainment Weekly."
-- Indie filmmaker Tom DiCillo, interviewed by indie filmmaker David Walker, at BadAzzMofo.com (29 Feb 2008)

Related: Black Santa's Revenge, a film by David Walker ("He knows when you've been naughty.")


Written, produced and directed by BadAzz MoFo creator David Walker, BLACK SANTA’S REVENGE is a two-fisted tale of yuletide vengeance reminiscent of the classic blaxploitation and revenge films of the 1970s and 80s—think William Lustig’s Vigilante meets Ivan Dixon’s Trouble Man. Adapted from the short comic book story drawn by Rusty Beach and written by Walker, the film version of BSR is filled with all the classic elements of exploitation cinema—graphic violence, gratuitous nudity, and tons of profanity—all crammed into a 20-minute running time.
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