When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

14 March 2008

Tag dump

Friends and colleagues who know I blog, but don't read enrevanche regularly, sometimes ask me what I write about.

From now on, I'll just point them to this post.

Here's a little bit of found poetry for you - the trailing-18-month enrevanche tag dump.

1968, 2007, 24, 5768, 9/11, acc, ACC basketball, accents, accounting, activism, advertising, advice, affirmative action, Afghanistan, aimee mann, airlines, alcohol, allegories, alternative energy, AM.APMP, american history, Americana, Amy Winehouse, anecdotes, animation, anniversary, another roadside attraction, anti-semitism, apartment renovations, APMP, apple, applecare, applications, architecture, art, art and endeavor, atheism, atlantic coast conference, Austrian economics, authoritarianism, automobiles, autumn, awards shows, away for a few days, bad advice, bad faith, bad weather, Balko, banality, banking security, Barbaro, barbecue, barbecue sauce, barbers, Barnett, bars, baseball, basketball, beaches, bears, beer, beijing, Benazir Bhutto, biology, birthdays, bittorrent, BlackBerry, blacksburg, Blendtec, bloggage, Blogger beta, blogger parochialism, blogging, blogjuice, blognotes, blogroll, blood glucose testing, bloomberg, blowing shit up, bong hits, books, bop, bridges, bubble, Buckley, business, business strategy, business writing, busking, buzzwords, cabdrivers, CAIR, california wildfires, calling in sick, cancer, capitalism, capybaras, cardiovascular fitness, career, carnivals, Carolina, Carrie, cars, Castro, catblogging, CBGB, celebrity culture, cell phones, censorship, change management, changes, Chapomatic, charity, Charles Tyrwhitt, Chevron, china, cholera, Chow Bella, Chow Fun, chowderhead bazoo, chows, Christmas, CIA, cinema, cities, citizenship, civics, civil rights, class issues, classic cartoons, classical languages, cluelessness, co-branding, cobb, coffee, collaboration, collections, collective intelligence, collectors, college basketball, comedy, comic books, computer security, computers, condiments, Congress, conservatives, conspiracy theories, consumer products, contests, context, contracts, contrarian, convergence, cooking, cool stuff, cooperation with tyranny, Cormac McCarthy, corporate life, corruption, country retreats, courage, creative commons, creative destruction, creative expression, creative nonfiction, credit market, criminal law, Cuba, cuisine, cuisine rurale, cultural illiteracy, culture, currency markets, current events, customer service, d00d, Daily Telegraph, damn, damned lies, Darwin, darwinism, david pogue, daylight savings time, Deadwood, debacles, declining standards, demagoguery, Democrats, demographic fiscal suicide, demographics, depravity, derivatives, design, detroit, DHL, digital life, Dinesh D'Souza, disarmament, disaster preparedness, dishonesty, dissent, divorce rates, Diwali, Dizzy Gillespie, dogblogging, don surber, drink, drug policy, drugs, drumming up business, dude--what?, Duke, duke lacrosse, dynamite in small packages, e-learning, e-mail, early adopters, ecclesiastical polity, economic freedom, economics, education, elder care, elections, electoral politics, energy policy, English, environment, environmental policy, eschatology, essay question, estate planning, eternal truths, Etherbeat, etiquette, etymology, eulogies, everlasting godstoppers, evil, evolutionary psychology, excel, exercises in futility, fall, family, family trees, fast food, father's day, feminism, film, finance, firearms, five questions, flameouts, flowers, fontifier, food, foodies, foreign language software, foreign policy, Foreign Policy magazine, fraud, freakonomics, freedom, freedom of speech, freelance, fritter, FUD, fun with Myers-Briggs Personality Types, fundraising, futurism, gadgetry, gag reflex, gambling, games, gapminder, Gary Shivers, gastronomy, Gawker, geekery, geeks, genealogy, Geneva Conventions, Geni, genocide, geopolitics, ghastly overreaching, GI, gift-giving, global warming, gluttony, go bag, God Is Not Great, Gonzalez, Google, Google Maps, GOP, gospel, gourmand, gourmet, grand strategy, GrandCentral, gratitude, graydon, greenwich village, Greenwich Village Idiot, grits, groceries, groucho marx, guns, Guy Clark, GW Bush, H1B, hack yourself, ham, hamburgers, harry potter, haute cuisine, have a blessed day, Hayek, health, healthcare, Heinlein, heroism, hip-hop, history, Hitchens, hobbies, hollywood, home schooling, home-based businesses, homeland security, honesty is the best policy, honor, hoops, housing, housing slump, human rights, humor, hypocrisy, I hate those meeces to pieces, I see naked people, I'm sure I should find this offensive, ibm, ideal for home defense, idiocy, illin', immigration, in memoriam, in the future, in the news, income inequality, incompetence, independent film, indexed, India, inflation, information design, information sharing, information technology, information warfare, informed speculation, infrastructure, innovations, insanity, insomnia, insomnia cookies, insurance, internet, internet companies, internet radio, internet tablet, internet telephony, interruptions, interspecies communication, interviews, investments, iphone, iPod, ipod touch, Iran, Iraq, irony, Islam, israel, IT management, ITSM, IVR, James Brown, James Fallows, japan, jargon, jazz, Jesus, JetBlue, JetBlue blues, job-seeking, John Brown, Joshua Bell, junk science, ketchup, kidblogging, kitsch, knowledge management, knowledge work, Kos, krispy kreme, Krispy Kreme Challenge, La France, labor relations, language, languages, last one out please turn off the lights, late adopters, LDS, Lee Kuan Yew, lemurblogging, lemurs, libertarianism, libertarians, libraries, LibraryThing, lies, lies and the lying liars who tell them, life lessons, lifestyles, liquidity, literate hobos, Live Earth, living will, long war, Looney Tunes, Louis Armstrong, love and marriage, luck, lying, MacBook, macintosh, Madeleine L'Engle, madeleines, magazines, MAKE, managed services, management, management theory, manatees, manbag, manpurse, Mark Steyn, marketing, martial arts, MBA programs, MC5, McCain, mcmaster, mediocrity, meetings, MEGEN, memes, Memorial Day, metafilter, mice, michelin guide, Microsoft, middle east, milestones, Mister Gato, Mister Rogers, modern medicine, moleskines, monetary policy, monopolies, mountain philosopher, mouse brains, movie reviews, movies, Mr. Peanut, Mr. Pink, mres, mules, multitasking, music, music and cats, music reviews, musotik, mustard, My Maps, n800, Nadelmann, nagl, NASCAR, natural antidepressants, ncaa, neosoul, nerdery, nerds, net radio, networked applications, neuroscience, new economy, new media, New York City, New York Times, New Yorker, news, newspaper business, Nobel, nokia, nokia n800, nokia n810, Norah Jones, North Carolina, north korea, nostalgia, notebooks, numbers stations, nutrition, obama, obituaries, office software, office supplies, offshoring, oh dear, oil, one laptop per child, one of these things is not like the other, online business, online dating, online gaming, online learning, online tests, oops I did it again, open source, OpenID, opera, Oprah, outsourcing, overheard in new york, oversharing, pandas, paraphernalia, parody, patent law, PC, peak oil, pedantry, peer training, penal law, personal computers, personalDNA, petroleum, philosophy, phone, photoblogging, photography, physics, plane travel, playlist, pleasure-seeking heroin-addicted flamboyant wasters, plus ca change, podcasting, podcating, poisoning, poker, politics, poor impulse control, pop culture, Pops, portable, Postini, postmodernism, power of attorney, powerpoint, prescriptions, Presidential election, press, primateblogging, primates, primatology, primitives, prior planning preventing piss-poor performance, privacy, product reviews, Project Vote Smart, prophecy, proposal management, prosimians, Proteus, psychology, public health, punk, pyongyang, quechup, racial politics, racism, radio, railroads, raleigh, rankings, rants, rare books, ratings, rats, razors, rcir, Reason magazine, recipes, record collections, relationships, religion, Rem Koolhaas, remote work, Republicans, research skills, restaurant reviews, restaurants, retro architecture, reviews, Rickie Lee Jones, rights of detainees, RINO Sightings, RINOs, Robert Anton Wilson, rock and roll, rodents, roller derby, romance novels, Ron Paul, RootDownFM.com, roundball, Rove, Rudy Giuliani, rugby, satire, Savannah, SBUX, scandal, schadenfreude, schiavo, science, science policy, science-fiction, Scientists and Engineers for America, scotland the brave, Scott, Seattle, security, self improvement, sepia mutiny, serendipity, shoulder bag, shuffle, sic transit gloria mundi, sickness, signage, Simeon Booker, Simpsons, simulations, sin, Singapore, sins of omission, sisu, skydiving, slice o' life, slippery slope, smear campaigns, social bookmarking, social content aggregation, social freedom, social networking, social news aggregation, social sciences, sociology, sockpuppetry, software, Soldiers' Angels, SomaFM, sometimes life sucks, Sopranos, soul, South Carolina, southern, southernness, spam, Spanish, speaking ill of the dead, speech, spending, spinal tap, spring, Spy, Starbucks, statistics, stem cells, stimson, stock market, Stupid browser tricks, subprime mortgages, subway, suffering, sunrocket, surrealistic art, surveillance, survelliance, sushi, swimming directions, tagged, Tap into America, taverns, tax policy, technical support, technology, Ted Haggard, teh cute, telephony, television, Texas, textbooks, thanks, Thanksgiving, the asian century, the bleedin' obvious, The Breck Girl, the brits, The Economist, The Frog and Nightgown, the joys of air travel are without number, The kindness of strangers, The Little Willies, The Onion, The Wire, the worst are full of passionate intensity, theatre, Thelonious Monk, there is a spectre haunting Bergdorf's, they blew up the Chicken Man in Philly last night, thinking bloggers, third parties, This American Life, this is not good, thought for the day, Tierney, Tog, tonsorial therapy, tools, torture, Tour de France, tourism, tournament, trade policy, trains, travel, travel guides, Triangle, truffles, trust, truth, TV, twitter, unaffiliated, Underground economy, universities, university admissions, urban legends, urban poverty, US elections, US history, us politics, usability, user experience, USS Intrepid, utilities, Valentine's Day, Valour-IT, venezuela, versalink, veterans, video games, videos, vinegar, Vint Cerf, virtual worlds, visualization, voicemail, voip, Vonnegut, Vox, Walter Reed, War on Drugs, war on terror, wave-adaptive modular vessels, waverly inn, Web 2.0, west village, westell, WFB, what he said, what's the plural of faux pas?, what?, whistleblower bill, White Trash, White Trash portfolio, whole foods, wifi, wiki, wikipedia, wild horses, William Gibson, wireless, Wodehouse, word, words to live by, work habits, work styles, workstyles, World AIDS Day, world politics, WRAMC, writers strike, yahoo, yankees, Yelp, Yeltsin, yingling, yoga, you goddamn kids get offa my lawn, YouTube, zagat, zombies

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