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10 February 2009

Betting big on the Big Game

The mayors of Chapel Hill and Durham are betting big on Wednesday night’s game between UNC and Duke.

"If Duke loses, Chapel Hill Mayor Kevin Foy will receive tickets to a show at the Durham Performing Arts Center, the newly opened largest performing arts theater in the Carolinas,” according to a release from the mayor’s offices. “If UNC loses, Durham Mayor Bill Bell is invited to a night on Franklin Street and Asian cuisine at the Lantern Restaurant, which the News and Observer ranked as the 2008 No. 1 restaurant in the Triangle.”

But wait for this next part.

If UNC wins, Foy will supply Bell with a Carolina blue sweatshirt to wear at the next Durham City Council meeting. If Duke wins, Bell will give Foy a Duke blue sweatshirt to wear at the next Chapel Hill Town Council meeting.

The game is scheduled at 9 p.m. Wednesday at Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Chapel Hill, Durham mayors place wager on Wednesday matchup (newsandobserver.com blogs: OrangeChat)

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