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07 February 2009

Fifth edition of the Krispy Kreme Challenge

In the time it takes most people to read the paper, drink a cup of coffee and eat a donut, Cameron Dorn ran two miles, ate 12 donuts, then ran two more miles. Completing the feat in 29 minutes and 50 seconds, Dorn won this morning's Krispy Kreme Challenge.

This was the fifth year of the race, which began as a lark among 10 students at N.C. State University and has since grown into a major university event that attracted 5,200 runners this year, raised $35,000 for the N.C. Children's Hospital and drew a camera crew from ESPN, the sports cable network.

The race attracted serious runners — and a lot of characters. Superman, Wonder Woman and one of the Ghostbusters ran together. So did a man with a three-legged boxer. There were several Santas, a man in a gorilla suit, a number of guys in business suits and two guys pushing a third in a grocery cart.

Krispy Kreme Race Draws Crowd (News and Observer, 7 Feb 2009)

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