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16 February 2009

Uh, didn't Socrates kinda beat hell out of people with this technique back in the day?

True confession: I am a business professor who does not understand the financial crisis. Ask me to explain things like derivatives and I'll look blankly at you. My credentials in economics, negotiation and law should qualify me to speak, but often the news leaves me slack-jawed with confusion. Bring me to a panel discussion, and I'll ask dumb questions. In short, I am a role model. I want my students to be more like me.

Each semester, I introduce my students to a key idea: I want them to join me in the fight against the fear of looking dumb. Overcoming that fear can save them from serious traps.
Ask the dumb questions (Seth Freeman, USA Today, 13 Jan 2009)

See also: Dumb is the new smart ("Public Offering," the Columbia Business School blog)

(via bNet)

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