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13 September 2005

An amended packing list

Well, now.

It's been a little while since we've had any petblogging around here, as I've been on the road due to business and family obligations. (When the lady at the coffee counter at Newark Airport starts greeting you by name, you know you're spending too much time in airplanes.)

I've been on the road so much, in fact, that when I get my little rollaboard suitcase down, the animals immediately go into Advanced Anxiety mode. (It hardly matters that Carrie, whom they adore above all others, isn't going anywhere with me and will be at home every evening like clockwork; if the family unit isn't complete, there is profound disharmony in their universe.)

Recently, Mister Gato decided that it was high time that I amended my basic packing list.

Underwear, check. Socks, check.

Gato packs himself up
Perhaps a small oxygen bottle, too.
(And a tiny little mask.)

Irascible tomcat? Check.

Naturally, sibling rivalry set in. Chow Bella wanted to come along too.

Room for a chow too
You're going to need a much larger bag.

I'm heading out again on Thursday... but, barring a catastrophe, I'll be at home for a few weeks after that. Hopefully, the next pictures will be of a big happy pile of animals sitting next to Papa on the couch.


Sissy Willis said...

I love this post. Is the irascible tomcat himself your ghostwriter?

Barry said...

Well, my muse, at the very least.

Check out the "irascible tomcat" link in the post... it's a Google-search on that phrase. Mister Gato *owns* "irascible tomcat" in the blogosphere. :-)

Julie said...

In our house, the trip packing is never finished until the inside and outside of all suitcases is thoroughly decorated with cat hair.

Willow said...

Of course no trip is complete without a stowaway.