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04 August 2007

Coloring text in Wikipedia on the basis of trust (demo)

In this demo, the text background of Wikipedia articles is colored according to a value of trust, computed from the reputation of the authors who contributed the text, as well as those who edited the text.

  • The demo contains only a few hundred pages. Click on Random page to get to an existing page, and once there, click on Random page on the left-hand side to get to other pages.

  • Text on white background is trusted text; text on orange background is untrusted text. Intermediate gradations of orange indicate intermediate trust values.

  • The history is colored as well, and it is the most interesting thing to look at. Click on history, click on a revision, then click the older and newer buttons. You can see how edits initially have a trust value that depends on the author, and gain (or, occasionally, lose) in trust as the page is revised.

UCS Wiki Lab - The Wikipedia Trust Coloring Demo

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