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26 January 2008

Earth2Tech: How to Index Your Cleantech Investments

With the launch of the FTSE ET50 Index, which is devoted to following 50 large cleantech stocks from around the globe, Wall Street has gone from spotting a trend to beating it to death with specialized financial products. There are now more than three dozen clean technology or sustainable energy funds, and many of them contain companies that overlap.

Earth2Tech: How to Index Your Cleantech Investments

I have a (very!) modest stake in a Powershares ETF (PBW) based on the WilderHill Clean Energy Index, one of the first "cleantech" indexes.

At this stage of the game, picking individual companies for investment in this industry sector would seem almost impossible. Investing in clean energy through an index fund or similarly-structured ETF seems to make the most sense... but don't forget the dirty energy while you're at it; ExxonMobil and Shell are set to post record profits for 2007.

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