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02 January 2008

Get in the Glassbooth

Longtime enrevanche readers will be shocked, shocked to see this result:

Ron Paul shares a 77% similarity with your beliefs

Representative, (R-TX)
Ron Paul was born on August 29, 1936. He is a Republican from Texas. Paul has served 10 terms as a congressman from the 14th and 22nd districts of the U.S. House of Representatives. Prior to that he was a general physician in Lake Jackson, Texas. Paul placed third in the 1988 presidential election with a 0.5% of the vote, running as the Libertarian Party nominee--while remaining a registered Republican.
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Crime and Punishment very similar find out why
Gun Control very similar find out why
Education very similar find out why
Medical Marijuana and Drug Policy very similar find out why
Civil Liberties and Domestic Security very similar find out why
Trade and Economics very similar find out why
Taxes and Budget very similar find out why
Health Care similar find out why
Iraq and Foreign Policy similar find out why
Environment and Energy different find out why
Social Security very different find out why

Get in the glassbooth and take the test for yourself.

(Hat tip: Tarus)

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