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11 January 2007

Jumpstart your career in 2007

Careers are easy to neglect. If the paychecks keep coming and the boss is tolerable, most people get into a routine and direct their attention elsewhere.

While that's an adequate way to put bread on the table, it probably won't win you any big raises or promotions.

So, whether you're hoping to stay at your current employer or thinking you'll move to another firm at some point, here are eight job resolutions to help you jumpstart your career in 2007.

Here's one tip that everyone in IT (and other industries, too) ought to memorize:

Take the time to review potential employers. Don't assume a company is growing - and therefore a good place to be - just because it has several tempting openings. The openings may exist because insiders were eager to jump ship.
Eight Resolutions to Enhance Your Career - Wall Street Journal Online via Yahoo! Finance

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