When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

09 January 2007

Return of the ick

Was feeling so much better, until suddenly I wasn't.

Tough night over here; I coughed until the muscles in my chest ached, got about three hours of sleep, was running a fever when I got up this morning.

Quick visit to the doctor confirmed that the bronchitis isn't cleared up and there's likely a secondary infection. He wrote me a 'scrip for a five-day course of azithromycin (which, if the accompanying pharmacy pamphlet can be believed, seems to cure everything from ear infections to gonorrhea) and also something to suppress the cough reflex.

Am now chasing the loading dose of antibiotics with a fiery plate of chicken vindaloo. I treat any congestion-related illness with the spiciest foods I can get my hands on, and judging from the sweat that has popped out on my forehead, the Indian food is having the desired effect.

(The day I lose my appetite, plan to wind me in my shroud.)

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