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23 February 2007

An explanation of my absence, with catblogging

Back in the RTP area; Mom's travails with ill health continue.

An Emergency Room admission on Wednesday night for dehydration after two days of stomach upset turned into an ICU admission for elevated blood pressure and arrhythmia, and now there are new elements in the mix... the trajectory now will hopefully be from ICU to regular hospital room this weekend, and from hospital room home sometime next week.

Blogging will either be extremely light or extremely heavy for the next several days, depending on the mood state I happen to be swinging through at any given moment. :-)

Here, have a cat picture from the Home Office in New York City (with two bonus dogs.)

gato with bodyguards scaled
The king, on his cardboard throne, with his royal guard.

Any question that Mister Gato is Lord of All He Surveys? Those Chows are guarding his regal little behind.

Be sure to check the Friday Ark at The Modulator for more quadruped goodness, and the Carnival of the Cats this Sunday at Scribblings.

P.S. The flight into RDU -- on Continental, thanks very much, though I was out of town on the first thing smoking when I got the phone call -- was character-building, involving a small plane (a 37-seat Embraer) and wind shear. A passenger on the plane--an adult, and thank God not me--apparently soiled themselves on the first landing attempt, which was aborted when the plane sort of plummeted, shuddered, and skittered sideways all at the same time...

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