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28 February 2007

I love it when a plan comes together

Carrie and I have been dreaming of a little cabin in the woods for several years now.

Well, lookie here.

Here's a nice parcel of land - about 10 acres - smack in the middle of Catskills State Park, near Woodstock and Phoenicia, New York, a little more than two hours from the city.

And here are some really cool little houses just sitting around doing nothing:

Quantico Marine Base in Quantico, VA, is giving away 36 Lustron homes, the largest collection of Lustrons in the world. Select from an array of Technicolor models, all identified as eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, all featuring that same classic design you know and love! Assembled from high-quality, porcelain-enameled steel panels, these gabled-roof, ranch-style beauties are the perfect place to call home.


A Lustron home consisted of 3,300 prefabricated parts and was advertised as fire-proof, decay-proof, vermin-proof, rust-proof and termite-proof. Extremely low-maintenance, with porcelain-enameled exterior panels, it never had to be painted and could be washed with a quick hose-down. To entice buyers even more, Lustron homes came in Technicolor, with a choice between Maize Yellow, Dove Grey, Surf Blue, Desert Tan, Flamingo Pink, a Sea Blue-Green and Brush-Three-Times-A-Day White.

All we gotta do is relocate them from... urp... Virginia.

Hmm. Must cogitate.

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