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21 February 2007

Odometer rolling over on the blog

Sometime this afternoon, enrevanche will receive its 100,000th "unique visitor" as reckoned by Sitemeter. (The number of page views is about three times that; folks tend to stick around and poke around for a while when they visit.)

I realize that the major bloggers get more traffic than this in a day, and that there are plenty of sites out there clocking more than 100,000 visitors an hour. A couple of hundred visitors a day isn't much in the grand scheme of things.

But I think there's a nice little community that has grown up around this blog, and for something that I generally write early in the morning after my second cup of coffee, I'm shocked that there are any readers at all.

Friends from around the world that I rarely get to see, and some that I've never even met in person, drop by to read and comment on the postings here, and I appreciate all of you.

(Except the comment spammers.)

Update: This is quite lovely... As it turns out, visitor #100,000 was from Beijing, China; he or she surfed in on a Google search for "michael pollan unhappy meals" (and found this post.) Random Chinese foodie, we salute you.

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