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21 February 2008

If God had meant for us to do molecular engineering, He'd have given us brains

If you don’t have a super-fast, super-small computer in a few years, blame the moral majority. It turns out that most Americans find nanotechnology, the scientific field most likely to produce such a breakthrough, morally unacceptable.

That’s according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin who are studying people’s attitudes towards nanotechnology, an emerging scientific field that involves manipulating molecules and atoms. They found that just 29.5% of the 1,000-plus Americans surveyed said they thought nanotechnology research was morally acceptable.

In other news, at least 70.5% of Americans don't have the first freaking clue what "nanotechnology" is...

Nanotechnology Is Morally Unacceptable (Wall Street Journal Business Technology Blog)

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