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20 February 2008

Matters McCain

Earlier today, Carrie noticed this pricelessly understated, yet savage, description of Cindy McCain in a BBC News profile of the Presidential candidates' spouses:
The 53-year-old former Arizona rodeo beauty queen is seen as an asset to her husband's campaign, having long overcome the humiliating public exposure of her former addiction to prescription painkillers.
The knife slipped in so deftly, I didn't even see the blade until it was too late. Bravo, and ouch.

The big John McCain-related news of the evening, of course, is the New York Times story indicating that he may have a bimbo eruption or two to deal with... as Carrie noted, when a paper runs a front-page story with a quadruple byline, they've either been working awfully hard on it or want to look like they have.

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