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19 February 2008

My people, my people, part XVIII

Down in Raleigh this week. Caught this little gem in the local newspaper:
A Raleigh lawyer was in the wrong when he removed a parking boot from his Toyota Land Cruiser in a private downtown lot and drove off with it, the state Court of Appeals ruled today.


In March 2006, Kirschbaum parked in a leased space in the private lot while he attend[ed] a lunch meeting at the nearby Caffe Luna. While he was in the restaurant, Quantum immobilized Kirschbaum's SUV with a boot and left a note that he could have the boot removed for a $50 fee.

Instead, Kirschbaum removed the tire with the boot still attached, replaced it with a spare and drove away. He initially refused to return the boot, telling a police officer that Quantum could bid on it on eBay...

Lawyer who drove off with parking boot loses appeal (Raleigh, NC News and Observer, 19 February 2008)

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