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28 February 2008

Stuff White People Like: Bottles of Water

...[L]ately, advanced white people have been getting very upset about all of the waste that comes with drinking 15-20 bottles per week.

The leading edge of white people have started to use sturdier, refillable bottles. But do not assume this is from the tap. Most white people need to run their water through some sort of filter (Brita or PUR) before they put it into their bottle. This allows them to feel good about using a refillable bottle, but it also makes it more complicated, which they also like.

Previously, the gold standard was the Nalgene bottle, however recent studies have shown the plastic can leak toxins into the water. Currently, white people on the cutting edge are really into metal bottles of water with a twist cap. It is recommended that you buy one of these as soon as possible.

Stuff White People Like: #76 Bottles of Water

Oh, man. That one hits a little close to home... I've been rocking the Sigg bottles this year instead of buying water in plastic bottles. (In my defense, I was using them more than ten years ago, when I was an active outdoorsman.)


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