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15 November 2008

Global West Village

Al-Jazeera reports on the closing of a family-run grocery store in my neighborhood.

Well, in the context of how small businesspeople are hurting in the credit crunch, actually.

But still.

Small business [sic] such as the Jefferson Market, in Manhattan, will be among the first to fall.

Angelo Montuori, who owns a grocery shop in the market, says his store is almost empty most days.

He says that after a very slow summer, he does not have the money to re-stock and is looking to the banks for help.

"If we get the credit, we get the merchandise, I think everything will work out fine. Most of out customers are loyal here. They come in now and say I hope you make it," Montuori told Al Jazeera.

"The problem is, bankers aren't lending new money in case they don't get it back as more and more businesses are beginning to show signs of failing."

"If we can't get the merchandise it will be very difficult ... and we need a lot of merchandise."

Al-Jazeera English - Europe - Stocks climb on hopes of US bailout

(via Jeremiah's Vanishing New York.)

I'm betting that Al-Jazeera's New York correspondent either lives in my nabe or knows someone who does pretty well... Jeff Market is a wonderful place, but definitely of local interest (usually) only.

jefferson market storefront
Jefferson Market storefront (undated)
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