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11 November 2008

Yeah, sounds like something a bunch of engineers would come up with

Last season, the drawings for the 3,500 student tickets [for N.C. State Wolfpack men's basketball games] in the RBC Center were random. Student surveys showed, however, that the students wanted a way to reward passionate fans and give upperclassmen a better shot at the tickets.

Now, a point system is in place. Seniors and graduate students start with five points, juniors four, sophomores three and freshmen two. Students get an additional point each time they attend a game.

So a senior who attends every game is at the top of the priority list – and first in line for midcourt seats – against rivals like North Carolina and Duke.

"If you are a senior or junior and you attend all the [non-conference] games, there is a great chance you will be sitting mid-court for ACC games, instead of having to watch at home because you missed out on the lottery," Student Body President Jay Dawkins said in a statement.
WRALSportsFan.com: New N.C. State student ticket policy rewards passionate basketball fans

I wonder how they'll measure game attendance? Still, this sounds like an idea worth trying. One of the big perks of going to college at UNC were the student tickets to basketball games, and I attended quite a few.

Now that I've graduated (cough, cough) the price to get in line to buy season tickets for UNC basketball games is $5,000 per year (ticket prices not included)... and the price to be sure is closer to $15,000 per year.

Virtually all of the games are on TV. :-)

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