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19 November 2008

Uncle Mark helps you with all your holiday gift-giving needs

Courtesy of Mark Hurst at Good Experience :
I'm happy to announce the new Uncle Mark 2009 Gift Guide and Almanac available for download, right now: download it here.

If you have read Uncle Mark in the past (this is the sixth year!), you'll still find new material in this year's guide, such as...

• my favorite iPhone apps
• a new board game pick
• new items and gifts for new parents
• two new documentaries to watch

If you're not familiar with Uncle Mark, here's the deal: I review all the major consumer technology products and give my
ONE favorite pick in each category... not the "17 coolest cameras" or whatever, but the ONE product that I recommend. The guide concludes with an Almanac section where I say whatever comes to mind, mostly tips and tricks that I can't fit anywhere else.

Please do share the guide: print it, e-mail it, forward it, and pass it along. If you have a coworker, friend, or loved one who needs a clue about today's technology choices, just hand them Uncle Mark 2009.

Get it here:

You can also
tell a friend.

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