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19 May 2009

Briefly mentioned

Ah, late spring in North Carolina - you never know whether you're going to be using the air conditioner, the heat, or both (conceivably on the same day).

To borrow a trope from blogfriend Buck, here's the weather forecast for Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

chapel hill weather may 19 2009 0705

It has been warm enough in the middle of the day for the last few weeks that the central A/C has run pretty often.

Last night, it got down to 41 and I had to get up in the night and turn the heat on... it was either that or wake my wife up to find out where she put away the comforters.

Friend Ron came over for dinner last night. Ron, in addition to his many other talents, is a Cat Whisperer.

Mister Gato was skeptical of Ron at first.

angry gato

But in the end, he gave him his highest endorsement.

ron and gato

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